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As with all challenging interview questions, an employer will observe your voice and body language, since they’ll indicate how well you cope under pressure. POWER-SYSTEM PROTECTION 15.3 2. Q. Building “A” is supplied with 120/240 volt single-phase power from building “B” on the same property. 1.Why star delta starter is preferred with induction motor? c. Possibility of causing fire hazards. 2. We have to … We will go on adding questions, till we reach 100 and may be we will add more than 100. Single end fed system of parallel feeders 3. Review a list of frequently asked Electrical interview questions for electrical graduates. 1) What is / are the main disadvantage of using oil as the quenching medium in the circuit breakers? Questions (27) ... Power System Protection. Explore the latest questions and answers in Power System Planning, and find Power System Planning experts. The lightning surges may cause serious damage to the expensive equipments in the power system (e.g. either by direct strokes on the equipment or by the strokes on the transmission lines that reach the equipment as travelling waves. Interview. Figure shows a single line diagram of a radial system for a DC distribution where a feeder OC supplies a distributor AB at a point A. [2] How to provide Over current protection in a power supply? ET Prime Women Leadership Awards. Answer: When the fault occurs relay operates and close the trip coils and circuit breaker operates and open the contacts subsequently and fault is cleared. What is protective relay? I A 75 A I B 0 A I Electrical Power System Interview Questions ; Question 24. 83. What is fault clearance time? Jobs This year, POWER was named the number 3 firm in the power … Answer : The substation, which is created for temporary requirements of mainly construction purposes, is called mobile substation. Please click on the Red Plus Icon to know the answer. “B” is supplied from a three-wire with two ungrounded conductors and one neutral without any metallic water pipe or other metal equipment connections to the building or equipment ground fault protection installed. Name the latest computer processors? Electrical Engineering Objective Questions MCQ with Answer Free Pdf Download. A SIMPLE explanation of an Electrical Power System. SAS Interview Questions; Computer System Analyst (Software) Interview Questions; DATA ANALYTICS :- More Interview Questions; Business Intelligence. Obviously the distributor is fed at one end only i.e. … Open Up India. What is a System? 4. 13. Again, assume that the A phase cur- rent is at 0°. Previous Page. Ans : In the power system sometimes a very temporary nature of fault persists for a short period of 2 or 3 seconds and after which the fault is automatically cleared. To know the answer in detail, click on the link given in the answer. a. Hive Interview Questions ; Datastage Interview Questions; Oracle Warehouse Builder Interview Questions; Tableau Interview Questions; Apache Storm Interview Questions; Business Intelligence :- More Interview Quetions; Support. 84. Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers Q1) Define Cybersecurity? Electrical Interview Questions & Answers visit www.eeekenya.com Page | 1 ... Power factor should be high in order to get smooth operation of the system. 5. power systems relay questions; power system protection question and answers pdf; protective relay and circuit breaker interview question; protective relay isolation; POWER SYSTEM PROTECTION QUESTION AND ANSWER PDF; what is torque control in protective relay; Share on. The power system is responsible for the production of electricity with the help of energy such as coal and diesel. POWER ranks among nation’s top design firms Leading industry magazine Engineering News-Record has ranked POWER Engineers Incorporated (POWER) among the top 100 engineering design firms in the country for the 15th year in a row. Let’s start. Using Fuse we can protect the power supply against over current. Ring main feeder system. What Are The Main Equipments And Accessories Used For Substation? b. ET Power Talks. Next Page . In a computing text, it is referred to as protection against unauthorized access. By . Next Article Transformers Questions … Therefore, breaker should be able to carry high current safely for some for some specified period during running i.e. An example of a Power System is the Electrical Grid that provides power to homes and industry within an extended area. State the difference between generator and alternator 3. Double end fed power system 2. Question #1. ETRise Top MSMEs. ups is also two types : on line and offline . 1. Learn what a Power System is, and the basics of Electrical Power Systems. How to answer. Answer: Relay time is the interval between the occurrence of the fault and the closure of the relay contacts is called relay time. Planning Engineer team reviewed questions and answers to remove duplicated ones, added more explanations and graphs to the answers, and produce the final product in a good shape. means according to ups VA it gives backup. To maintain continuity of supply the breaker should not trip in such condition. Frequently asked interview questions with answers under the subjects like electrical machines,Transmission and distribution,Power electronics and some general basic questions. The power system consists of a three-stage network – generation, distribution, and transmission. It is an electrical device designed to initiate the isolation of a part of the electrical installation, or to operate an alarm signal, in the event of abnormal condition or a fault. Answer: Eletro-mechanical relays operate by two principles. Electro-magnetic attraction and electro-magnetic induction. What Is Called Mobile Substation? Differential protection is based on the fact that any fault within an electrical equipment would cause the current entering it, to be different, from that leaving it. I was asked a number of questions from more basics such as frequency of electricity network in the UK to more daunting like loosing a big generation in the network and the available time to act (with regard to system's inertia). Need periodical replacement. What are different types of principles of operation of electro-mechaical relays? Why AC systems are preferred over DC systems? Explain differential protection? SECTIONS. Electrical Q & A. Q2) What is Cryptography? Find the phase and residual relay currents. Varuni Khosla & Brinda Dasgupta, ET Bureau Last Updated: Jun 11, 2016, 05:00 PM IST. Power System Protection and Relays Questions & Answers . A power transformer usually has one primary and one secondary, and one input and output. I was interviewed by two persons. Home » Power System Protection and Relays Questions & Answers. Kuwait Society Of Engineers 2018 Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits: - Circuit variables and elements - Circuit laws and simple resistive circuits - Inductance and Capacitance - … 3 Electrical machines and Power Systems 8 or 9 questions 4 Electronics 8 or 9 questions 5 Fundamentals of Communication 8 or 9 questions 6 Control System Fundamentals 8 or 9 questions Total 50 questions. This interview question for technical support tests your knowledge and if you updated with the latest technological trends. Electrical Engineering interview questions and answers: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6. 13 interview questions that can decide your future. Switchgear and Protection - Electrical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers Home >> Category >> Electrical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers >> Switchgear and Protection 1) In a circuit breaker the contact space is ionised by what? Harikesh Yadav March 10, 2017 EE MCQ PDF, General. Power System Protection and Relays 2 What is Relay Time? A distribution transformer may have one primary and one divided or “Tapped” secondary, or two or more secondaries. A. And electrical engineering & electronics engineering ?
Answer:uninterrupt power supply is mainly use for short time . Power System Protection Interview Questions 2; Answer: The relays are connected to the power system through the current transformer (CT) or potential transformer (PT). Cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected systems such as software, hardware, electronic data, etc., from cyber attacks. Aside from the fact that most of these are silly questions for a technical job interview, the answer provided to your second question is just plain wrong. Electrical Engineering Interview Questions ; Question 25. How can you relate power engineering with electrical engineering? Power transformers generally operate at nearly full – load. Interview question for Management Trainee in Greater Noida.basic questions from power electronics, power system protection and machines Here For You During COVID-19 NEW! Electrical Power System Interview Questions ; Question 16. You could mention: punctuality, work ethic, team-working skills, interpersonal skills. online ups having high volt and amp for long time backup with with high dc voltage.but ups start with 12v dc with 7 amp. This is most general interview question related to power supply. It has to be ideally … Advertisements. Switchgear protection plays a vital role in modern power system network, right from generation through transmission to distribution end. These questions are basics and any candidate should possess basic knowledge of these aspects. The radial system is employed only when power generated at low voltage and substation is located at the center of the load. Describe the skills and competencies that make you a perfect fit for the role, advises Kim Whitfield, head of resourcing at M&S. point A in this case. Each year, ENR ranks the top 500 design firms in the United States based on annual revenues. In this topic you will find the most common Questions and the Model Answers that you may expose to in your Interview for a Planning Engineer Position. The circuit has an A phase to ground fault on the line, with fault current magnitude of 9000 A. Overfluxing protection is recommended for (a) distribution transformer (b) generator transformer of the power plant (c) auto-transformer of the power plant (d) station transformer of the power plant Ans: b. In this post provide you latest and updated 2018 Electrical MCQ Objective Questions with answer which are help for preparation all electrical engineering exams like GATE, IES, JTO, PSUs, RRB JE/AEN, RRB loco pilot and technicians, SSC JE, DMRC, LMRC, ISRO and other state level engineering exams. Previous Article Why Starting Current of Induction Motor is High . Risk of formation of explosive mixture with air. 13 interview questions that can decide your future. HR Interview Questions; Computer Glossary; Who is Who; Electrical Safety - Quick Guide. Air blast circuit breakers for 400 kV power system are designed to operate in (a) 100 microsecond (b) 50 millisecond (c) 0.5 sec (d) 0.1 sec Ans: b. Ans. generators, transformers etc.) Highly-cited researchers. Low power factor means losses will be more.it is the ratio of true power to apparent power. In India, industry uses 415 Volts 3 phase AC power at 50 Hz. Business News › Jobs › 13 interview questions that can decide your future. Device drivers are also a piece of software that considered mandatory to run the hardware components in the system. Great Manager Awards. BPO & … This is starting question and the interviewer will go in depth in each section. d. … We have planned to give you 100 Interview Questions on Power Transformer. Electrical Safety - Power System . Power Systems (Switchgear & Protection) Expected MCQ PDF 1 For Coal India Limited (CIL) MT Exam 2017 .

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