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It's the stuff you'll find at places like Best Buy and Amazon. When M&K transferred production of their basic products to China, it was reported that the facility was turning out counterfeits of their S150s and other higher end M&K models, contributing to the ultimate failure of M&K. Brand and Model Specifications Information about the brand, model release date. A Uni-Q driver and CFD port mean it punches way above its weight. As a Manufacturer, how can I approve the concept of moving our labor supply "offshore", strictly to improve my Corporation's P/E ratio ( momentarily ). And that the LS50 works best with a heavy, inert stand? Never, never, attempt to equate speaker quality with price. Asus ROG Zephyrus vs Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch Retina Display. We’re sad to say it didn’t show that predominance in that case. Gift Guide. It was operating as an employee owned business when in 2014 there was a management led buyout by Sonovox Group (China). If that is your interest, you can buy some very good components directly out of China from sellers like and others should you choose to do so. It is the logical thing to do in the free enterprise system of which the US is purportedly a shining light. Drive-units: a single Uni-Q coincident driver array comprising a 1" (25mm) vented aluminum-dome tweeter and 6.5" (165mm) aluminum-cone woofer. 180mm (7.08 inches) x 525mm (20.66 inches) x 214mm (8.42 inches) Dimension (H X W X D) *with Rubber Feet. I'm probably choosing peanut butter over steak because of this Spiritual Position. ( I'm pleased that you found a way of revealing this in some sort of painless way, I think that JA keeps a stethoscope handy for revealing these types of issues ). Thanks for Naim , I'll be looking for one of the Uniti pieces. Well, ok, KEF is a Chinese Company, now we need to see a Video Tour ( YouTube ) of the KEF China manufacturing Facilities to see if they are striving to maintain the KEF mystique or if they are just cashing in on the KEF Brand recognition. Maybe the reviewer took a Subway Train to NJ and had a nice look-round the KEF USA Parts & Service Centre. Description: Two-way, bass reflex, stand-mounted loudspeaker. Both acoustics and bass-heavy songs were equally good. Unit Weight. 63 - 28000 Hz. Let's have a brief look at the main features of KEF Q350 and B&W 607 before getting into our more detailed comparison. It's too dam bad that we have to have our Cherished Local Brands plastered all over cheaper asian products !, KEF is doing exactly what Cooke avoided: diluting the Brand, our Brand if we own KEF stuff and our children's Brand if they hope to work in the Audio marketplace. Seriously. The Q350 sounds more expensive than it really is. If you are unsure if a retailer is authorised to sell KEF, please contact us on 02 9561 0799 or email us at [email protected] Check Price. And KEF Q350 is attuned to people with a better sense of music. Another potential problem – which might make you scratch your head. I don't deny the qualities of various Chinese Mainland Artisan Companies like Cayin who manufacturer and engineer superb products. Q Series bookshelf speakers excel in small spaces. What looks like … I should know I own and owned several Tandberg products including the 3030 which was nowhere near the build quality of their older products, I quickly sold it. To get approved, make sure that the review is big enough and contains unique opinion. I’ve got two SVS SB2000 subwoofers, Yamaha receiver pre-outs to Rotel power amplifiers. Different people like different things. But longevity does not mean the speakers have not evolved. 2 speakers. Ty Pendlebury. Serial numbers of units reviewed: 391113, 391114. Available in both White and Black colors, it could match the color of your house casually, and fit in nicely. In the end – should you get them? Someone please define Chinesium: aside from the fact that many of the best built best sounding audio products I know are both designed and manufactured in China, I must tell you: Throughout the 1980s I lived in a giant factory-loft builting in Brooklyn. The users love the Uni-Q sound, CFD designed port and the Q Series Optimised features. But, we're here at Stereophile, an established Audiophile's reference Journal, absorbing the findings of inspired writers who take the time to carefully and fully evaluate various things of interest to our "tiny" group. Specs Bap is the final destination to find the specs of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Gadgets, etc. What, get outa here, a chinese outfit owns KEF. Wow, these speakers are expensive and they are the most expensive speakers i've had but it's worth it. Technical Specs 8 x 12 x 14 in. This one can be used casually, so you can enjoy movies and music in your own home theater. You should also ask yourself why these companies have shifted manufacuring to China, or Indonesia, or Mexico? Nuff said, done here. There's much more good than bad in Stereophile annnnnnnnnd I've loved JA since the early 1980s and will follow him most anywhere, Phew. 5 years. There is still no such thing as a free lunch. US distributor: GP Acoustics (US) Inc., 10 Timber Lane, Marlboro, NJ 07746. Ouch, I'm feeling like I'm getting my ass kicked, Manufacturing wise. It seems that we Americans, on the whole, are demanding traditional levels of quality in our product selections and turning a blind eye to the circumstances of the people involved in supplying them. Frequency Response. It needs saying that every Reviewer of Loudspeakers should own and use the LS3/5a as a Reference, I certainly did at my Esoteric Audio Salon. A facility tour will reveal all. Now, the World is Competitive again and I'm wanting to return to the Good old Days of the 1970s. I'd prefer it if they were more open about the closeness of components such as the Q350 to much more expensive 'references' but such is life. Why have they gone overseas? On the other hand, LS50 features a 1" Vented dome Tweeter and 1 5.25" Magnesium/aluminum alloy Woofer with a Crossover frequency at 2200 Hz. ... HR found that the "Q350s really liked tubes", specifically the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium stereo amplifier. The Q350 is a part of the Q series produced by KEF. Stand mountable, Bass Reflex, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Bass Reflex, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Compatible with Any TV, PC, or Other systems, KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black), KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, White). It would be useful if JA could make a set of measurements for the Q350 while driven by the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium to show what would be the effect of that amp's output impedance on the speaker's frequency response. If you have empirical evidence for Chinese manufactured equipment being of worse quality please present it. We are recognised in the history of loudspeaker development as one of the most important contributors and a great deal of our research has been published at well respected professional institutions, including the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Acoustics. The Q350's cloth grille is optional at $39.98/pair, but KEF does include concentric, two-piece foam plugs to partially or fully block the rear-firing ports when the … KEF Q350 has some great reviews and seem to be a good alternative to the much more expensive LS50. But they dump product and destroy native industries like my little Nesco Products in Two Rivers Wisc.., they copied the product ( mistakes and all ) then way undersold our Nesco at all the Walmart Stores. Amplification Type. KEF Q350 is affordable, but still a luxury-looking pair of speakers you can buy. For audiophiles who want extra bass can always pair a subwoofer with it. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 3.7 ohms minimum. Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz with first-order slopes. It has the same driver and enclosure material like Q150 but differs in driver size and other technical specifications. In this review, we will be comparing specifications of Diamond 220 and Q350, two Bookshelf speakers from Wharfedale and KEF. System Components. It is capitalism in action. It also preserves the originality of different genres of music you like to listen to. Of course I'm delighted to be noticed for doing this kind of work! We sold scads of LS3/5a pairs !!! Finishes: White with silver drivers, black with black drivers. Is Stereophile writing to their readership ? Meanwhile, you can pick up this one at your earliest convenience, because the price of KEF Q350 is only about $650. COVID-19. Once I find out what they actually said, I am willing to give them a chance. For best results, look into buying a quality amplifier so it can complement the sound. My various LS3/5a collection is a good example. 7 x 11 x 12 in. I do buy valuable products made by skilled artisans and workmen, products like PS Audio, Sennheiser, Festool, Brisson Interfaces, Electrocompaniet, Thiel Audio, Meridian, Linn Products. Probably because it happened such a long time ago. Another significant design factor of the LS50 is that it's intended to be used with heavy Sand filled Stands so that the added mass would further dampen it's Cabinet resonances. Their task is surely not to act as an entry drug to the (IMHO) aurally bizzare cult of the LS 35a, but rather to find good products and tell us about them. Now, just to point out the obvious, the LS50 + KEF Performance Speaker Stand come to about $1700 (bring your own sand) while the Q350 + Tontrager stands add up to over $2000. Price: $649.99/pair; grilles add $39.98/pair. I stuck those to the bottom of the LS50s. It took about a month for them to come in, and I finally got to listen. But the vast majority of people like yourself aren't willing to put their money where their mouths are and pay more for products built in the USA by people who get the (tiny) US minimum wage. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. KEF Q350 vs B&W 607 Speaker Comparison In this review, we will be comparing specifications of Q350 and BW 607, two Bookshelf speakers from KEF and Bowers & Wilkins. Does seem to level the playing field a bit … maybe even reverse the “budget” argument, why is that not commented on? I found the actual review rather florid, but as a current or prior owner of all the speakers referenced including KS50sabd Q300 it's about what I would expect. In terms of the speaker/stand interface, KEF does provide some stick-on black rubber pads. Will these Audiophile smart phone people connect the dots, discover Stereophile and end up buying Q series KEF loudspeakers ? For now, I simply can't endorse Name Brand's policy of "Outsourcing". Manufacturer: KEF: Dali Speakers: Model: Q350: Oberon 1: Photo: Release Date: 2017: 2018: What Hi … I have no profit motives in posting this, have no business associations with those parties. Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/m. Intel refuses to participate in these Manufacturing doings and thusly maintains their "Local" Manufacturing. They aren't great speakers because they are designed and built in the US, they are a great speaker that happens to be designed and built in the US and has fans willing to pay the premium for that. Audiophile readers might note the Q350's … thanks! Chineseium is a continuing warning that I'll issue to vulnerable Industries so that they will be aware that they are selling off their children's futures for a fast buck. Your argument is odd (and perhaps a little personal). ps. Affectionately, we called our obese landlord "Jaba The Hut" -- he had a huge factory (just below me) that employed illeagle alien workers for $2.50/hr making FAKE Disney and Mattel toys. ... that these lovely Qs are made of Chinesium, RRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr you ? Even Foxconn has stated it could move some production overseas. Is there a wonderful story to tell? That being said, it is true that some Chinese manufacturing facilities have produced counterfeit goods. Although you should be protected against accidents, if you really want them, you’re in luck. I'll figure around $5,000 US ! We must tell you that the bass of KEF Q350 is placed on the rear. Also, please comment on how stand and speaker are to be joined (the speakers have no fasteners of any kind, and the fine LS50 lacquer can easily be damaged if using Blutac, for instance). It might be racist to dismiss the problem as racist. The Point is that the LS50 is a modern LS3/5a and the Q350 is a price point LS50. As a Corporation I have to move my Labor Supply "OffShore" to take advantage of lower labor costs, my personal Contract and Bonuses are contingent on it. Well done KEF! Because people like you won't pay the premium and instead expect the Government to. Frequency response: 63Hz–28kHz, ±3dB. China has been our Global Industrial leader since the time of Christ, ( with the exception of the last 150 years ), they are no strangers to super high quality. KEF Q350 vs Dali Oberon 1 Comparison. I found a local KEF dealer who said he'd get a pair of Q350 for me to demo if I promised to buy them on the condition that I loved them. A cabinet near your TV or a shelf would be the best. This is a perfect example. I'm thinking that this reviewer is say'n the Qs are competent competitors against ( and along side of ) the often touted Chinese Pioneers and Elac B5 & B6 & F6 of Andrew Jones, even among the "Loved" by Queen & Country, British Loudspeakers with their beautiful "real wood textures". I have not read all the comments fully, but Tony's statement has a grain of truth. The KEF Q350 is an impressive bookshelf speaker produced by the brand KEF which is known for its wide range of speakers with innovative technology and high-quality sound performance. KEF Q150 has a current market retail price of $299/pair. Manufacturer: Paradigm: KEF: Model: Monitor SE Atom: Q350: Photo: Release Date: 2018: 2017: What Hi-Fi? It doesn’t alter the treble or boosts the bass over the top. KEF was founded on innovation and new technology. passive. This probably explains Jones's roaming around from Pioneer to TAD to Elac. Two-way bookshelf The Q150 proves that the best things come in small packages. The rating is based on 1 reviews by users. So what is this entry level "Audiophile" price concept being frequently touted ? Please note that each user review reflects the opinion of the respectful author. KEF always seemed to have some sort of "entry" level loudspeaker, a price driven speaker like the beautiful CODA of the early 1980s. Please post a user review only if you have / had this product. Now, something that can be a big problem – the placement. ps. In Summary ( from my perspective ), Chinesium Loudspeaker can be made to sound dam good if you play them with Outstanding-Superb-Carefully Selected-Well Made front ends ! I own the LS50s with Sound Anchor stands. Perhaps the product cost reductions that enabled the low pricing might also be excessivley degrading the resulting performance, or maybe not. 2-way. I have not heard them, but suggest that these might be good choice of subject for a future review, to find out if these are worthwhile entry level. Fax: (732) 683-2358. With YPAO processing, should I be leaving Q350 ports plugged or unplugged? you explain everything to me and not above me.not meant in a bad off the dog, this has changed my outlook on bookshelf speakers. Featuring the signature KEF Uni-Q driver array with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port design, the Q350s deliver detailed natural sound with high clarity and tight bass. It's the engineering and the pursuit of quality by the parent company that makes the product and KEF shows they are NOT diluting their brand, but instead, making room for a larger market of people to enjoy excellent audio. They look sleek and minimal. There is nothing wrong with open and polite discussion, but not backing up any claims with insults and nationalist self-titillation gets you nowhere here. All the while it's been singing it's heart out and giving pride of ownership a steady polish. Of course, I suspect that HR sold most of us on our long established love affair with those LS3/5a darlings instead of the resonating paneled Qs. E&OE. We can now look at eBay's Audiophile "Sold" listings to realize that quality Audio Gear maintains close to it's original purchase price and often the Gear appreciates to near current gear price points. The speakers need to be 3/4 to 1 metre from side and back walls.

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