paramakudi panchayat list

and (P) East Street (Ward 2) , 3.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and K.Valasai (P) Arasadi vandal east street (Ward 4) , 2.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) North mada veedhi Ward 1 , 4.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) Ward 1 , 24.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Arundhadhiyar Gram Panchayat ,AMARPUR: ग्राम पंचायत ,अमरपुर : 134252: 2 जनपद पंचायत, बैरसिया : Gram Panchayat ,ANKIA: ग्राम पंचायत ,आंकिया: 134253: 3 जनपद पंचायत, बैरसिया : Gram Panchayat ,ARJUNKHEDI: ग्राम पंचायत ,अर्जुनखेडी: 13425 and K.Karungulam (P) Kokkuppallam (Ward 2), Panchayat Union Ele. Capture the activities of Gram Panchayat … It provides up-to-date news, critical analysis, and facts on the various Elections in India. and Pandhappanendal (P) South street Ward 1 , 5.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) Anil Kumar. and (P) Colony north street Ward 1 , 3.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Pirandai Kulam (Ward 3) , 9.Valangudi (R.V.) Hr.Sec. and (P) Burma Colony (Ward 3) , 6.South Andakudi (R.V.) 09/11/2019: 25/11/2019: View (1 MB) 40 bhagalpur naugachhia nagar panchayat 1666 saharsa mahishi kundah 41 bhagalpur naugachhia punama pratapnagar 1667 saharsa mahishi mahisarho 42 darbhanga alinagar adhloam 1668 saharsa mahishi mahishi north कृषि इनपुट सब्ससडी:: ौस - ख ीफ़ 2020-21 :: प्र ाषित 3251 पंचा तों की सूचच. and (P) Valimarichan North Street (Ward 5) , 2.Valimarichan (R.V.) Elections are held every 5 years, the last elections were held in 2015. and (P) Mariamman kovil south street , 4.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Andakudi Road 2 South (Ward 1) , 5.South Andakudi (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal Kovil 1st Street (Ward 3) , 2.Tholur (R.V.) and ( P ) Kollanur Middle Street (Ward 3) , 9.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Colony east street Ward 2 , 7.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) House Construction Rules in Ramanathapuram under BBMP, BDA & Panchayat Limits, BESCOM approval process for getting electricity and BWSSB … and (P) Kandankulam south street (Ward 1,2) , 4.Valangudi (R.V.) Ismayil palli street ward 5 , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) and (P) Melayakudi Middle Kudiyiruppu South Street (Ward 3) , 3.Melayakudi (R.V.) Paramakudi is a city in India and a municipality since 1964 located in the Ramanathapuram district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. and (P) North street (Ward 1) , 2.Nagaram (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 2) , 3.Melayakudi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Old Adi Dravidar Street (Ward 2) , 7.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and ( P ) Salai Street Ward 2 , 5.Nagaram (R.V.) and Keela Parthipanur (P) Keelaseevankulam North Street South street (Ward 3) , 5.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) HOMR an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Civil Contractors Offers Detailed Construction Cost in Ramanathapuram Paramakudi. and ( P ) Gangaikondan South Street (Ward 3) , 8.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and (P) Harijana South Street (Ward 1) , 5.Koluvur (R.V.) Khan Mohamed Pallivasal Street (Ward 1) , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) and Pahai vendri (P) North Street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Sirahikottai (R.V.) 8, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside 2nd street Ward-25 , 2.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.West timber shop street -1 Ward-25 , 3.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside timber shop street-2 Ward-25 , 4.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside timber shop street- 3 Ward-25 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam 1st street Ward-25 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam kurukku street Ward-25 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam 2nd street Ward- 25 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-1 Ward-25 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street -2 Ward-25 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-3 Ward-25 , 11.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil 1st street Ward-25 , 12.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil 2nd street Ward-25, Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School, ,Southern Wing, East Side, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Hadhijabeevi sandhu Ward-19 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sangu street Ward-19 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Sivalingam street Ward-19 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Nakkerar street Ward-19 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Melapallivasal street Ward-19 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Meeramohaideen street Ward-19 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Anumar kovil street Ward-19 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Kovalam Street Ward-19 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Hospital road Ward-19, Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School, ,Southern Wing, West Building, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Musafarkani North Street Ward 29 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road Ward-18 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Pavadi street Ward-29 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Musafar kani street Ward-29 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Minister Menon Street Ward-30 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Sahulhameed Ravuther street Ward-30 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Kollam pattarai street Ward-30, Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School ,South Wing, West Side, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Mela street ward-30 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Melapallivasal street Ward-30 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Abdulla street Ward-30 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Jinnah street Ward-30 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Poundu street Ward-19 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Rajaji street Ward-17 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil south car street Ward-17 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Lajabadhirai street Ward-17 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil west car street Ward-17 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road Ward-18 , 11.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil north car street Ward-17 , 12.Paramakudi (M) Sangu street Ward-19 , 13.Paramakudi (M) Kumaran padithurai Ward-18 , 14.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil padithurai Ward-18, Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School ,North Building, Western Side, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road ward-27 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Bharathiyar street Ward-26 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 1st kurukku street Ward- 27 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 2nd cross street Ward-27 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 4th cross street Ward-27 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 5th cross street Ward-27, Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School ,North Building, Middle Side, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 1st cross street Ward-27 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 2nd cross street Ward-27 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 3rd cross street Ward-27 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 4th cross street Ward-27 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 5th cross street Ward-27 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 6th cross street Ward-27 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar mainroad Ward-27, Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim Middle School ,Northern Wing, East Side, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road ward-30 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Panneer selvam Street-1 Ward-30 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Anna nagar Ward-30 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi colony ward-30, Ayiravasiya Hr. ASK Govt. and (P) East Kudiyiruppu East Side (Ward 1) , 4.Ariyankottai (R.V.) Beneficiary List District/Block/Panchayat Wise; ER6. and P. Puthur (P) Pidariseri East Street (Ward 3) , 8.Pidarseri (R.V.) Valaiyapookulam (P) Middle Street Ward 4 , 35.Marakkulam (R.V) and Potti Thatti ( P ) West Street (Ward 3), Panchayat Union Elementary School, Pagaivendri, 1.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Yathavar Street (Ward 1) , 3.Vilathur (R.V.) Save big on a wide range of Paramakudi hotels! and (P) Thalaiyadikottai West Street (Ward 3) , 4.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur (P) Thiruvadi Velar Kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 10.Kumukkottai (R.V.) Ahemed rowther street ward 3 , 5.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Alangkara Vaikal South Street (Ward 3) , 6.Abiramam (R.V) And (T..P) Alangara Vaikal North Street (Ward 3) , 7.Abiramam (R.V) And (T..P) Pallapachseri East Street (Ward 4) , 8.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Uppurani School Main Street (Ward 3) , 9.Abiram (R.V) And (T.P) Yusuf Ravuthar South Street (Ward 4) , 10.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Yusuf Ravuthar North Street (Ward 4) , 11.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Ravuthar Street (Ward 4) , 12.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Uppurani School South Street (Ward 4) , 13.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Uppurani School East Street (Ward 4), V.M Abdul Rahuman Ele. 45.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) IInd Road Cross street Ward 5 , 8, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavathsingh road (thiroubadhaiamman kovil near) ward-21 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road ward-21 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Thallakulam road Ward-21 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Melachathiram Ward-21 , 5.Paramakudi (M) C.S.I.Church Compound street Ward-21 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Gokular street Ward- 21 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Singarathoppu, vivasayapannai Ward-21, Govt. Part of Ramanathapuram . Art College ,Lecturar Hall No. and (P) Old Adi Dravidar Colony Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 10.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyadikottai South street (Ward 2) , 3.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) School ,New Building, South Side, Sirahikottai, 1.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Sithanendal south street Ward 3 , 4.Chithanendal (R.V.) He had represented the constituency in 1996-2001 and is presently the Chairman of Paramakudi Panchayat Union. and (P) Mummudisathan Middle Street Ward 2 , 5.Mummudisathan (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 2,3) , 5.Bogalur (R.V.) 1.Urapuli (R.V.) Wikipedia. and (P) Arunthathiyar Kudiiruppu (Ward 2) , 5.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) 5, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Vinayagar kovil street ward-8 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Marudhuvar street (Ward-8) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Malaiyan kudiiruppu street Ward-8 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Malaiyankudiyeruppu Road (ward-8) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Silon Colony (Ward-8), SNV Hr. Share. and (P) East Street (Ward 1,2) , 3.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) Kalliyadiyendhal east street Ward 1 , 3.Sirahikottai (R.V) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) Kalliyadiyendhal west street Ward 1,2 , 4.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) Athithiravidar middle street Ward 2 , 11.Pandiyur (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Colony Street (Ward 4) , 6.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Vaniyavallam colony (Ward 1) , 2.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) Check-in. and Kavithaikudi (P) South street Ward 1 , 5.Theeyanur (R.V.) District after that click on the view button. NH 87 and AH 43 passes through this town, which connects the rest of the district to Sivaganga. Valaiyapookulam(P) Middle Street Ward 4 , 27.Marakkulam (R.V) and (P) Tennavanoor Moolakarai Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 8.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) South street (Ward 2) , 5.Perungalur (R.V.) street 2 Ward 1 , 21.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) and (P) Kanmoi road (Ward 1) , 2.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vinobaji nagar (Ward 1) , 2.Vilathur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) West street Ward 1 , 3.Theeyanur (R.V.) and (P) Veeravanur road (ward 1) , 2.Bogalur (R.V.) Name Email Website. Hr.Sec. and (P) Siruvayal Middle street (Ward 1) , 4.Siruvayal (R.V.) WhatsApp. and (P) South Street (Ward 1,2) , 3.Keelaparuthiyur (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) Colony NH road (ward 2) , 7.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Periyanendal Gokular street Ward 2 , 8.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and (P) Thannir thotti Street (Ward 1) , 6.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Old Colony North Portion (Ward 1) , 4.Ettivayal (R.V.) November 12, 2019. and (P) Old Adi Dravidar Colony ward 1 , 4.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Arambakottai North Street (Ward 2), Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Side, Ariyangkottai, 1.Ariyankottai (R.V.) High School ,New Centre Building South Wing, Kiliyur, 1.Kiliyur (R.V.) West timber shop Ward-25 , 13.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C. and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) New Kudiyiruppu North Street Ward 3 , 6.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) North harijan kudieruppu (kanmai street) ward 3 , 2.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and ( P ) Big Street (Ward 3) , 5.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) Panchayat, No.1 GST Road, Karunkuzhi 603 303 044 - 27567308 7824058572 [email protected] 5 Madambakkam Executive Officer, Madambakkam Town Panchayat, No.7 South Mada Steet, Madambakkam 600 126 044 - 22281725 7824058574 [email protected] Name of the District : Chengalpattu List of Town Panchayats Sl. and (P) Middle Street Ward 1 , 6.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Thurathiyenthal West Street (Sard 1) , 2.Mudalur (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Muthuvayal Midle Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2), Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Building, Muthuvayal, 1.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and (P) Puthanendal (Ward 2) , 3.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) 1, Venthoni, Paramakudi, 1.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Maraikayarpattinam (Ward 4) , 2.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V.Ulaganathapuram (Ward 4) , 3.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V. Sarasvathi nagar east street (Ward 4) , 4.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V. Saraswathi nagar west street (Ward 4), Panchayat Union Elementray School, ,Western Building, Venthoni, 1.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V.kumarakudi Adi Dravidar kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Maravar Street (Ward 2), Panchayat Union Ele. and (P) Udaiyar kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 4.Akkiramesi (R.V.) Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) AnichaKudiyiruppu (Ward 3), Panchayat Union Ele. and Keela Parthipanur (P) Kothankulam north street ,middle street,south street (Ward 3) , 4.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur North Agraharam Street (Ward 2) , 5.Kumukottai (R.V.) Elementary School, ,South Portion, New Buliding, Kattuparamakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyar indhragula 1st street ward 25 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 2nd street Ward 25 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 3rd street Ward 25 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 4th street Ward 25 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 5th street Ward 25 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 6th street Ward 25 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 7th street Ward 25 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 8th street Ward 25 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Colany street Ward 25 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula street Ward-25, Municipal Elementary School, ,Kattuaramakudi, Paramakudi, 1.Paramakudi (M) Kattu paramakudi melastreet Ward 24 , 2.Paramakudi (m) Mela street(kattuparamakudi)ward-24 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Middle street Ward 24 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Middle street Ward-24 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road Ward 24 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road Ward-24, 1.Paramakudi (M) Velar street Ward 24 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Velar street Ward-24 , 3.Paramakudi (M) R.C Mathakoil Keela Street Ward 24 , 4.Paramakudi (M) R.C.

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