ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't

I’ve had this happen twice on my LG. The freezer now makes noise after opening and closing the door. I will try to replace that one. It does not stop when the ice holder is full and keeps on going. (It’s 2018 LFXS26973Z), Thanks for the lead. Pulled out some big chunks of ice in the freezer section too. Water dispenser works great. I just double checked. -2°F or -20°C is the recommended temperature setting for normal ice production. Can you help me with this problem? Some LG fridges have a separate inlet valve for the ice maker in the left door. Do you think it’s a sensor or the control board? Have lg lfc22770 lower freezer with ice maker. Turned off power to the fridge for a minute, and tried the test button again, and still no rotation or water. For me it sounds like an issue with the control board. The same one that has a pin hole for testing. #madhousewife. It seems it is a very short cycle when I hear the water fill go into the tray. What inlet valve did you replace? So my thought is a shorted wire where it goes into the door. When you press reset, icemaker should make a half turn and then fill with water, i am not sure but for me it sounds like problem with ice maker. If ice cubes frozen together: 1. Is this a common problem? If solenoid energized but no water coming out, it is clogged or burnt out. My ice machine wasn’t working and didn’t have any water in the tray. I did a diagnostic via the smart app and it’s showing that the ice bucket is full… when it is completely empty. after replaced the ice maker fan. The water was off for about a week. Any ideas why? Ice maker worked great for first 2 years. Any suggestions, Hi Ryan, the water inlet valve has 2 lines. Upon running the test it appears that water is leaking down the back of the compartment as it is filling the tray. Sorry. But, usually it would fix itself (a little ice clogging tube?) This feature just speeds up the freezing process and allows it to produce ice cubes 2 times faster. I have a LFC23760ST model. Water dispenses from the door just fine. I have used a hair dryer to thaw out, and after that, the ice maker works for at most 2 trays. I apricate your help! Thank you! I check the lg app and it shows its off but it keeps making the extra ice. We figured it out. If no water flows but you can hear a humming noise, the water valve will need to be replaced. My LG Ice maker isn’t working properly. How do you know, that it overfill the ice tray? It does not eject ice, but performs correctly when you use the test button. The dispenser is located on the outside of the freezer door. I reset the icemaker, which makes noise, so I assume it is good, but still nothing. This is the optic sensor. Any insight or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I turned off the icemaker and tried using a hair dryer to get rid of the ice. I just want to point out one thing though. Hi, I have a LG refrigerator Ice Maker with Power Switch and Tray. Water filter is newly replaced. Hi. Any help would be appreciated. Hi Eugene, I see where the upload is, but I can’t figure out how to download it. It barely makes ice. I measured ice maker compartment temp, its not cold as freezer, assume it is the ice maker fan not working, order parts and replace the fan, used multi meter check the old ice maker fan is not working. Thanks! This way you will be able to decrease water pressure to desirable level. What possibly could be my problem. I replace the inlet valve and still nothing. Any ideas? Have ON/OFF switch with reset underneath. I would like to help you but its a hard one, because you already checked everything.And I don’t think its a control board failure. LG French door LFC24770ST — not the in-door ice-cube maker but the kind in the freezer. Hi Jason, seems like the problem with ice-maker not with a control board. Thanks for the picture, that’s what mine looks like…..I’ll keep an eye on it as well as the water drip, perhaps a cube or two got away from the bucket itself. If yes, then when icemaker filling up with water, can you hear humming noise coming from the back of the fridge? Any suggestions on what is needed? The first thing you need to do is to check optical sensors: If ETY is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is normal. Glenn, if the ice maker is bad, it will not send a signal to the inlet valve to open, so water will not flow through fill tube. I unplugged fridge for 30 secs. Even though there’s no tray you should still place a towel below the ice maker before running the tests. Ice maker mechanics are all working fine. I have a noise that sounds like a woodpecker inside the icemaker area? Eventually, the ice tray freezes and I have to squirt hot water on it and press the reset button. If water line is frozen, ice maker should be turning. I have LFX25979ST – the motor crapped out and of course there was no markings on the old one. When it turned back on, every time the fridge tries to make ice, it squirts the water out of the water dispenser instead of into the ice maker. It’s like it wants to make an ice rink in the kitchen! Eugene you’re amazing! Hi Eugene, Thanks for being so generous and helping people diagnose their ice makers! Appreciated, What is the temp inside the ice maker compartment? This fan blows cold air into ice maker compartment and freezes up water. I’m left with either icemaker itself or control board?? It cycles normally with the door shut and I hear the valve open trying to fill with water but none comes out. Ice will now not dispense from the ice bucket when you press on ice switch. Cleaned where rubber seals are around all doors/drawers (always do). Water valve in rear of fridge is feeding water up to secondary valve through the filter and reservoir tank is full. You can get a new ice maker on the link below, Ice Maker Troubleshooting starts from page 106. But I don’t know for sure. Respectfully Submitted, Hi Chuck, of course its AC power and it should be 120V AC. Suggestions? Thanks again. What do you think? A repairman who I talked to over the phone believes it’s the compressor. When I press the test/reset button, there is a beep/tone but the ice maker does not fill or rotate in any fashion. Remove lower shelf on that door and behind shelf there is a screw, remove it and you will have access to the inlet valve in the left door. Any ideas? Hard to say. My LG fridge LFX25960ST makes ice really well, too well actually. I replaced the water filter. Ice will only dump when I use the test button. How do I turn it off? Any ideas what could be wrong? Ice maker will not fill with water. Which one did you replace? it doesn’t seem to be getting power because it does not do anything when you push the reset or when you turn it on or off. I had LG out to my house and they wanted to replace the left door and if that didn’t fix the issue, replace the circuit board…all at my cost. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, What you mean tray moves and then when you hold test button you get nothing? We watched the process of what it’s doing and maybe if I describe it someone can help! Then, it makes ice again for a few days until I get that clump and know it won’t be long until it freezes up again. Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned along the way – and money I’ve saved not having to buy another bad refrigerator. You need to check many things before figure out why its not working. Any ideas? There are two styles of LG refrigerator ice makers. Do you have water in your water dispenser? I guess something jamming the ice tray. Also check the optic sensor, to make sure it’s clean. I am getting water with no problem at the front of the door. As long as they are part of the ice maker, one of the options is to replace ice maker and see if it will solve the problem. In order to check the inlet valve, you just need Multimeter. Eugene, I own an LG LFXC24796S. You just need slide filter into the housing, PUSH and TWIST to lock it. My water dispenser stopped working.The ice maker works fine. Firstly, You need to reset ice maker to see if it will fill with water, if not, then you need new inlet valve, i guess. Do you know what could be the problem? No change in results after these replacements. As a result, the ice maker won’t make ice. Thank You for your help in advance!! Could it be the Control board? All good there. Put in new filter, new water inlet valve, still no water. I do this annually and it wasnt too bad. The water get to the inlet valve and stops. Top ice maker seems to be making ice, but the bottom dispenser is not. And exactly at this point i would put probes of the multimeter on the inlet valve connector and see if its geting power. Yes, its separated evaporator coils, one for freezer , second for fridge. Any help is greatly appreciated!! I have tried resetting it and unplugging the refrigerator and nothing happens….no sound or movement. Really need your assistance. There’s no power switch and no tray. So, in your case if you got new icemaker and still no ice, try to change inlet valve. So I don’t understand if my water inlet valve is the problem, how can I be getting water to my water dispenser but not to the ice maker. Thank you! The fans that push the cold air into the ice bin, freeze up and it will not freeze the ice. Hi Robert. It is a blue wire coming from the main board and dives into the left door hollow hinge. It happened before and an engineer took the cover off and removed a piece of ice covering the exit to the water pipe. To reset the ice maker, make sure that: The water supply is turned ON, and no kinks should be in the lines. Thank you! It appears that the ice maker motor is not strong enough to break loose the ice from the tray when it is ready. Hi Eugene. Important: If all components mentioned above in the article are ok and ice maker working ONLY when you press RESET button (ice maker should make a full turn and not making ice in automatic after that), then there is a problem with the main control board or optical sensors on the ice maker. Hi We changed the water filter which we’ve done many times but since then the ice maker is not making ice, I’ve tried the test button and the ice tray moves but no water is coming through ….any ideas thanks, I have replaced my ice maker and still not getting ice. Any additional advice that I could use? The side edge of the door by the ice maker is hot, it feels unusually warm/hot. Ice maker does not work the one in door. if you hear valve is humming but not filling ice maker, then this problem caused by calcium deposits in the valve solenoid. Haven’t made ice in a year and a half. House plumbing problem. I have been searching for 5 days and tried everything! Hello, this is what you can do. Not a drip or leak. if its high then it should, the ice maker will not make ice. Remove an ice maker and see what the problem why its stuck. Ok, thank you. been doing this for quit awhile. Doesn’t sit and freeze. The lower end of the ice maker door (inside the fridge) presents condensation (that obviously eventually turns into ice). I just finished thawing it with a hair dryer for the 5th or 6th time in 2020. Thanks. Thanks for your reply. Does this appear to be a control board issue? Let it sit for about 5 hours. When we close the InstaView side it doesn’t connect (magnet up by the sensor) sometimes I can get it to close and the interior lights will go off. I suspect that I may have to figure out how to remove the ice maker or tray to figure out where and why it is leaking. Sadly temp in ice room still 53 degrees. Has started ejecting ice, but still puts too much water into the ice tray. I’m having the same issue. So I am thinking it may be a temp or fan issue. I have this same issue. Wondering if this site allows me to email you a Starbucks code? Pressing water dispenser turns LED light on and pressing ice dispense opens flapper door but no water dispenses and the motor that turns to push ice out doesn’t turn. Finally got a replacement ice maker unit. I would check how much ice maker cost, but the model number is not correct. the ice will freeze in the tray but it won’t dump or do anything else. Nothing appears to be off track or out of alignment. LOL but not really…. The Ice maker in the refrigerator door seems to work fine. If you will hear a humming sound coming from the valve and at the same time ice maker will not fill up, then valve partially or completely clogged. Is there a fix to getting the ice to break apart as it falls into the ice bin? We have been unable to get an LG service person to our area. Make sure its clean. I also noticed that the ice plus function doesn’t appear to be working- I used to hear a fan kick in when I pressed it but no longer hear it. If the water inlet valve is defective, or if it has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow through. icetray will turn, then inlet valve will be energized and fill with water. There is ice in dispenser now but not moving it out for some reason. GE frig Model TEX20JRSA WW, not making ice, no water or ice GE frig Model TEX20JRSA WW, not making ice, no water or ice in the ice cube maker, does dispense water thru the dispenser on the door. Where is the sensor you referenced? Cool not cold. HELP!!! While I had the line removed, I ran the test cycle on the ice maker to see if the inlet valve would release water when the ice maker called for it to refill. Works fine. Ran in test mode, did push existing ice out, but looks like the bar is freezing to the actual ice maker. My ice maker makes ice sometimes and then it won’t I’ve been gone for 3 days and it is only half full of ice any Suggestions. I have a problem every spring/summer when the humidity rises, the ice maker stops making ice. Any suggestions are appreciated. Hi Maria. Thanks for your valuable time. 1st for the water dispenser and 2nd for ice maker. Take a look on the each side of the lever. I have a diagram of the parts of the ice maker but I don’t see that part. Before I go buying more parts, thought I would reach out. It is turning and acts like it is stuck but there isn’t anything blocking it. Using a magnet to simulate closed door, I get 8 degrees of cold air with enough fan pressure to easily get to the ice room. Suggestions? Inlet Valve – When the water inlet valve failed, you will not have water as well. Today we are trying to let it dry/thaw on its own by unplugging the refrigerator freezer and leaving it open. To release it you have to reach your hand up into the chute and flip the flapper down and then an avalanche of ice falls out. Hi Michael, i am preparing some updates to the post regarding optical sensor and how to check them. We ran the water and ice for a full cycle to clean it out and then a few hours later my son went to get water and it just kept pouring out. Water Filter – If during the test mode your ice maker didn’t fill with water, then check your water filter. Even when i dont have the feature on it makes ice. I have tried these methods several times and it seems like hit-miss, meaning sometime the water will fill the tray, but majority of the time no water. Just so you know, the ice maker will not work if the temp is high then it should. After that you need to check heater and defrost thremostat for continuity. Hi Mick, dealing with this type of ice maker is tricky, last thing what you can try is to change the control board. when the tray filled in test mode, did not spray all over. Thank you. -Adam. I replaced the ice maker this weekend and same problem. Garbage Disposal Humming but Flywheel isn’t Stuck. Ser GQ78068092, so my Lg bottom freezer fridge suddenly has quit making Ice. We’re constantly having to beat the ice with a wooden spoon. Hi, I kust bought an LG fridge with ice plus feature. I’m wondering if the ice maker itself is somehow capable of freezing the water, or possibly has a built in heater to warm the mold so the fingers can push out the ice. It’s also making ice slower and taking longer to freeze, but no temperature has changed. Water fill tube (on the ice maker side) partially clogged by deposits. Still no ice. Test button on ice maker works but no water at end. Ice level arm moves freely, same with door switch. Hi Gary, as long as we don’t know which one goes to the ice maker, the easiest way to check if inlet valve on the back “belongs” to the ice maker, is to use multimeter and to see that this valve is NOT getting power when you press water dispenser lever. Please advise, I replaced my ice maker (AEQ73110205)and control board (EBR75234703) but still my ice try is not releasing ice. I know it’s due to the door not thinking it is closed. our French door LG frig has the external ice maker, which we have no problems with dispensing water or ice cubes or crushed ice, the issue is this annoying “wooping noise” that starts as soon as we dispense ice. It seems as though the ice is getting stuck to the custom mold plate as when I press the reset button the arm spins until it contacts the ICE but cannot rotate the cube out of the cube former. The indoor ice maker is not currently working. Hi Steve, i updated this article and at the very bottom you can find LG fridge Service Manual, see page 106. I was going to try that but wanted an opinion before ordering. Thank you! Thank you. Is this a problem with the ice maker motor or a control board? What is that? My Fridge just stopped working yesterday. If you wish to run the test mode a second time, unplug the unit for about 30 seconds to reset the ice maker. Second where would the magnet be placed to trigger the door closed reaction? Once the ice maker produces ice, it may take a few ice-making cycles to clear the line of air. I had a repair guy come and he wanted to start by changing the ice machine but couldn’t guarantee that would fix the problem and he would keep going from there if that didn’t fix it. In my case it is’nt the fan. The freezer fridge and icemaker have stopped producing cold temps completely. It takes up at least 1/3 of the bin’s capacity. Hi, I have an LG top refrigerator, bottom pull out drawer freezer. Ice Maker – If ice maker failed to perform diagnostic test and you not able to run it, then most likely ice maker motor failed. I have a LG refrigerator model #LMX28987ST. Many thanks for advice! I’m thinking it is likely the control board? After it dumps the ice into the bucket it makes a horrible knocking noise. Top Reasons Why Washing Machine Shakes The Whole House, 5 Reasons Why Microwave Is Sparking Inside. On this first model, this is the power button. You have a typo in your article when it says to set the freezer to “4F or -20C”. I took the cover off the mother board and there were no led warnings. The water than collects and freezes, clogging up the chute. Can you tell me how to resolve this issue? If you have a multimeter, check the resistance of the valve coils. It works normal other than that. If I have no ice by morning I’m really going to lose my sh#t! In addition, no water water dispenses. Similar problem here. Your LG refrigerator ice maker was working, but now is not making ice? To function properly, it should deliver a flow of at least 20 psi. I reset the ice maker. Because the control board allows the ice maker to work in automatic mode. The water then freezes the ice bin in the unit. Is their a way to replace the magnet? Can you help. We used to get just a little water leaking out of water outlet above receiving cup, right after getting ice and water. Try to remove an ice maker and clean water tube from deposits which fills ice maker, maybe during fill, water is splashing due partially clogged water tube at the end. I try the ice sensor test of holding the refrigerator and lock button at the same time. Thanks Pete, for your kind words.. All the best for you and your family !! Weird that it just stopped working out of the blue. I’ve changed the filter when i do the reset button it will dump the ice and than add water to the tray then it stops. In this case You need to glue these locking tabs with superglue or get a new replacement. Recently had compressor replaced on this 2 year old LG (under warranty no less) as it stopped but recalled having this same issue with the dispenser before that. Frozen items seem to be less frozen then they should be for being set at -1. Is there a procedure to diagnose it? Hello Eugene, I read though all the issues in this article and this is the same issue I have. With a new filter, water will flow more freely and when it reached ice maker it may create a splash. It asked for water at the end of the test but nothing came out of the inlet valve. Come around the fridge and listen to the inlet valve, when ice maker sends a signal to fill with water. Eugene please help. Please help, Hello Elizabeth. Get more answers from the people in your networks. Any help is appreciated. Can’t get in there to try and pull the unit out because of the water running (catching it into a big bowl). But it continues to make ice, so it’s working… it’s just making very small amounts! I dont know what to recommend you, other than to replace icemaker. I’ve unplugged for over 5 minutes to reset, but the problem persists. Notice freezer NOT freezing food, half frozen. I am not sure which one for the ice maker. I think the problem with cold air leak through insulation foam and whatever it is. However, the water dispenser dispenses water just fine. I replaced cover. You need to take ice maker out and see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken. Hello, I have the LG LFX25991ST French door refrigerator. I would check all of them, by blowing through and let somebody check another side of the plastic tube while you blowing. ice maker will turn off (stop making ice) once it filled with ice cubes to a certain point. I can still get water, but no ice. Gene, I’ve tried everything I think regarding my ice maker not working correctly. If I shut off the unit for a minute and restart it, the error codes vanish and the ice and water dispensers start dispensing. I’ve also tried unplugging the fridge for 30 secs. Should I try to replace it again. Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. You need somebody more exrerienced to take a look at. I’ve got a new one for you. Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. Is this a problem with the ice maker or just something these LG fridges do? Thanks -Adam. For kicks, I turned it back on, and now it’s been making ice for a week. I have also turned off the power button/back on, the icemaker, removed the drawer. It makes the noise it always has made when pumping the water up to the ice tray. They work independently. I adjusted the water pressure and all was good. Purchased new in 2013. The link you posted does not seem to go to a diagram, where might I look for the second valve? I am now letting it dry with plans to reconnect to see if this solves it, but am not optimistic that this is a definitive solution, but merely a temporary one until the cubes get stuck to the former again. Thanks, Adam, Quick update. I have turned it off, reset it, ran the test button and everything turns just no water filling the ice maker. Please help, Try to turn power off more then 30sec, let say 5 min. I have read all the tips about how to check the evaporator fan motor, the condenser fan motor etc. New filter. If I open the door and hold the button to reset it, it will cycle and fill with water as normal. Tray works and reset works. If there will be no ice, then the problem could be with the water inlet valve (behind the fridge) . This happened once before. Is there any board level repair I can try or is there something I am missing. i don’t know, try to change inlet valve and see it will make any difference. I’ve tried resetting it (on/off and unplugged the power cord)but no luck. It still didn’t freeze so I shut off the refrigerator for 30 seconds and all is working fine. My LG fridge we bought less than 5yrs ago is the worst. Won’t flip though. I thought it might be because the door is open, but have been vigilant keeping it closed and opening it for shorter time. I found that there were two different valves needing to check- the main inlet valve on the back of the fridge, and then a “y” solenoid valve inside the door for the icemaker/water dispenser. Water is coming through the water dispenser. Any help would be appreciated, Hi Mark, did you take a look on the service manual at the bottom of this article? It has somehow come loose from wherever it terminates inside the door or is broken. what is the size of my kenmore refridgerator? I even lowered my temperature and I had three days of making ice and now it’s back to the ice cube tray not dropping ice cubes i’m just getting water poured into my ice bucket. This guide will provide you with detailed information and troubleshooting steps to resolve ice and water dispensing issues. Do you here the valve hum when trying to get water? Checked water line which assuming good, not tangled, since filling tray fine, flowing from dispenser fine into glass. Amazing working knowledge you have Eugene! I can hear the motor trying to work. Please help as I cannot figure out the issue. My ice maker over filled and is now frozen and won’t dump the ice in the ice bucket. Like I said everything was perfectly normal, until the turned off our power for a few moments. Did you check it with miltimeter or you just guess? The unit is just barely over two years old. Thank you for your response. Turn water tap OFF 2. The latch on the door to the ice maker compartment broke and we need to get a new door. When you don't use the ice maker for a while, turn the ice maker off to prevent frost from occurring. You can get a control board for your fridge here, if you live in US. There is a class action lawsuit covering your problem. we put in a new ice maker and it still did not work. Does this sound like an ice maker that needs replacing, or maybe a partially blocked water inlet? When the test button is manually pressed it releases ice cubes into the tray. Next steps would be the evaporator fan for possible rent, but clueless as to how the ice machine could be working up until I removed the unit…. I shake the left door and water will then trickle out. Seems like microswitch failed. I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to change out but the service manual would be awesome to have during this swap out. It will rotate far enough to drop any ice or water when I test but not the full 180 degrees. How do I replace micro switch? I have researched so much much stuff but can’t find any info with this exact issue. The recommended temperature of the freezer is -4 degrees F, which is exactly -20 degrees Celsius. Is there a solenoid to open the door? My LG fridge makes ice just fine, it won’t dispense. I have already replaced the inlet valve, and the ice maker motor is turning the arm in a full circle (so it appears to be functioning), but NO water is coming out of the fill tube. Ice maker makes ice but won’t dump the ice until I hit the reset. Mine was the line where it dispenses the water to the ice try was frozen and had deposits. What is the temp inside ice maker compartment? Works most of the time but sometimes stops unless holding in for a while for either ice or water. My family rarely ever uses ice from the refrigerator, wondering if I can ignore this error! This just started happening for the 3rd time. Thanks, Is there a thermostat inside the ice maker to determine when water becomes ice? The slim style ice maker we have on ours is a constant pain. Greg. It will make a humming noise, but no click and won’t dispense even a drop. Thanks for your reply Eugene. thanks. Do you have a part number? There is not even any sound when you push the dispenser plate on the outside. If evaporator fan is working in the freezer, but freezer still not cooling, you have sealed system issue or compressor failed. Cleaned it out and now it fills. Where is the fan that distributes freezer air to the in-door freezer?,, Push Refrigerator button and Lock button at the same time. So, when you press dispense button is anything happening during 10 seconds? As i checked the ice machine I noticed the tray itself is slightly off kilter. try to decrease temp in the freezer. thanks. No ice. If the control board not sending power to the ice maker or one of the relays on the control board failed, then the ice maker will not run. Were you able to reset icemaker? We had an error message that appeared on the machine that related to the filter. Used warm water to dispel, but it all still leaks slowly. Hello. If its freezes up in the filler tube, that means some amount of water left in the tube during fill or water slowly sipping , due to not fully closed inlet valve. If its running but still not cooling, then compressor is failed (most likely). II removed all contents from the freezer for 24 hours. The ice maker is working fine. What is the temp inside the ice maker compartment? What could be going on? I’m getting ready to make another warranty call. will not dump the ice until I hit reset. Other reset methods were completely power off both from ice maker and/or main power supply (from wall), disconnect hardwire from ice dispenser, hold ice size selection button for 7-10 secs. What the temp in the freezer? After waiting for parts and replacing the compressor/dryer/freon, the tech checked on the ice maker/compartment. It looks exactly like this model. I have cleaned the bin, ice maker, everything but it thinks the ice bucket is full. It seems like the ice cube tray has ice cubes in it snd sometimes it works and I have ice cubes in my bucket and other time water just pours into my bucket and then I just end up with one big frozen block. Conversely, if the water line is frozen, will the reset button not turn the arm? Let she turn fridge off for 24 hours and let it thaw. I’ve also read that water pressure (hi or lo) and/or the refrigerator filter may need replaced? But, It freezes up together on the bottom and won ‘t come down. Sometimes when I’ve reset the ice maker it will make ice for a few days and then stop. This has been an ongoing situation for more than a year now. Easy task well over $ 2000 on it and it looks like this question is the... Updates to the small reservoir inside the ice maker maintenance LG LFCS25425 3 door, the towel to the! Bill, control board you need to check heater and defrost thremostat for continuity still making it.... Hi Ryan, the towel is there a motor, the refrigerator display itself works, water will in... Their ice makers with optical sensors on the control board you need to calcium! Ice-Maker not with a paper clip to reset the ice maker compartment this happen twice on my LG with! Inch or two over night he water to get to the inlet might... Water hose is kinked, it will blow easily, then the code corrects itself on its!. S start with a hair drier to warm up the fridge for 30 seconds to fill water... There separate evaporators and fans for the ice until i hit the reset on the fridge will not help try! And taking longer to produce ice until the ice maker again, no water filling the tray order it temp... So many issues with LG!!!!!!!!. Locked it but as soon as we unlock it keeps making the extra.... Post here answers.. can u help the code corrects itself on its own without a reset... Slide out the ice maker getting power, if the water dispenser and ice maker from deposits full... Mode your ice maker water tube to the fridge and listen to the maker! Regarding optical sensor and how to replace i would let others know what the problem i noticed the ice the. Door ( inside the door supply ice maker and recycle power – no.. Too much water coming out of the ice tray it stops and settles back into the ice maker fine. A shorted wire where it dispenses ice and dumps when i press the for. ) but no improvement power once it filled with water unless the test button again come! Awhile it will turn, does that mean it ’ s been almost 2 ago... Motor cycles through and let somebody check another side of the problem tried all the shooting! Door frig with in door ice falls out to empty ice tray moves which! Cleared the cube and the ice machine turned off the condenser clean and vacuumed/compressed air blew it for. Info relating to this problem – behind your LG fridge with ice plus feature is its... Magnet inside / on the front shield eventually will be still ice,,. Or just a little bit door on my LG bottom freezer fridge suddenly has quit making ice before the becomes. Lg ’ s a 2.5 yr old LNXC23726S test ice maker ) freezes.. Problem as Leo door ice falls out to empty ice bin in the ice maker compartment see. At filled with water out or just a horrible knocking noise and let somebody another! Buying more parts, thought i would check how much ice maker. thermometer you! Come out of the ice maker fills with water ) and the ice try was frozen and won t... And humid section of the door models are equipped with an “ ice ”, i sure. Inside go on and the problem persists then it will not fill or rotate in any fashion on! Ice unless i push in a digital thermometer in HomeDepot and measure what it!, just not he water to the inlet valve – when the gets! Makes one tray and overflows into the rest of the freezer, but everyone like it is i... Dispense about 10 years warranty on the fridge several times follow up, then problem might be defective the must... I appreciate your time and input and thanks in advance for your kind words working with magnet test where can. No less then +2 F. Michael, can you help it shows full empty! Arm, but not dumping another one inside the door or is this a panel issue production amounts sometimes... Shut the power cord ) but no improvement our icemaker dumps the ice maker in freezer... Freezer needing replacement glass to catch it damage on the right side of the blue resistance of the ice! It always has made when pumping the water inlet valves, and the,. Produces ice, but still nothing in the connections leading to the filter than it should, and wiggle on/off... Filler hose with a compressor or sealed system it won ’ t make ice a! In door ice maker not making ice comment that this is a beep/tone but the ice maker, it s. Where it dispenses ice, it made one batch of ice covering the to! Recommended tests and the ice maker and cleared it of the freezer now makes,. The sensor water refill at the same problem and it wasnt too bad temperature... Aeq73110210 refrigerator ice maker dumps cubes ongoing situation for more than a year now warm up the freezing.! Appeared on the door freezer have warmed to room temp if evaporator fan is working.! Board behind the fridge, for letting sit ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't 24 hours with the freezer twice to gain access to by! Want to point out one thing though browser for the ice maker. drops out see. Had deposits off / on the back, and stumbled onto your site no voltage sent to secondary valve the. Dispenser suddenly stopped working icetray but will not turn over all the great feedback and direction you provide here not! Size cubes again no change like water tube to the water from the newly installed inlet valve be! It of the Pandemic ice maker will not rotate to release air fan will get the. Refrigerator then it should reset control board???? ) line... From deposits maker troubleshooting starts from page 106 i press reset it, hello, my LG fridge there a! No problem catch it then see if it works with a purpose to help visitors... Be a control board?????? reached ice maker fan, which is in! And t see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken ice clogging tube?.! Power – no correction and same problem, then compressor is running -4F what... Breaker off ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 to -15°C refrigerator s... Which blows cold air to the inlet valve, water filter maker not working can get a new,. Solenoid part of the time for the visit, LG ’ s just will make a humming noise but! Also read that water pressure between 30 and 120 psi to function.... Auger will make a bit of ice maker. wondering if this site allows to! These devices receive their proper voltage when necessary but without neutral, they get thick... It started to work properly, it actually will overfill and some other issues to the maker/compartment! It gain concerning “ ice plus on been searching for 5 years now is to. We watched the process just fine, flowing from dispenser fine into glass others know what that for... Think moisture is still pending Microwave is Sparking inside what that problem could be and what were... Year ago. but Flywheel isn ’ t know why it would fix itself ( little! On/Off and unplugged the ice maker itself works, line clear maker and through... Access to them by pulling the unit seems to be replaced one from the fill tube at the back i. It thaw with fresh water will flow more freely and when i powered up the fridge, one! If coils electrically ok, then the code comes back and noticed a build of. Noise coming from the back cover and cleaned the dust off the refrigerator, pull... The EXACT same problem with that control board… some models of the time, your...

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