how to build a wood porch over a concrete porch

The strips are cut from 2x4s. But first, here’s a look at my current concrete porch so you can remember exactly what we’re working with…, The ramp on the side was removed after I took that picture, and unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of the whole porch without the ramp before we got started. When you have varying conditions like this your deck boards would cup and would not stay flat. Drill holes into the concrete that are the right diameter for lead shields using a masonry bit in a hammer drill. Instead of removing those concrete front steps, save some time by building a wood deck over and around them. Most people think composite decking is the best decking material. Otherwise, you will have to create original footings for the overhead. So with just two risers down, and just an hour or so into our project, we had to stop working and make a trip to Home Depot. First, you have to attach risers/sleepers to the concrete and then the porch boards can be screwed to the risers. So, we … This situation is common in many pool, patio and porch designs. These chemicals can be expensive. A properly constructed EPDM roof should last 40 or more years. Dig 2-3′ deep holes and set the posts into concrete, if you want to get the job done in a professional manner. Start by adding a ledger board to the porch posts for stability. The porch boards will have tiny little spaces between them, and I really don’t want concrete and unfinished riser boards to show through. The rise is the height of porch, or the steps, that you will need. My dad was a diesel mechanic and had to weld parts sometimes, so he had a welding helmet in his tool box, the type that came down far enough to protect the neck area. Before building a patio cover, please refer to the 2018 International Building Code for building codes related to patio covers. Covered the porch useing your method but extended it across the front of the house. It’s best to build the wooden deck in removable sections for cleaning and maintenance of the rubber roof, and repair of the membrane if ever needed. Counterbore holes in PVC trim with ½-inch-diameter spade bit. It was like that when we bought it. So to do that, I had to install wood risers using pressure treated 2 x 4’s rated for ground contact (ripped to the correct height to level the final porch floor), attached to the concrete with exterior construction adhesive and concrete screws. That end, from the house (back) to the yard side (front) was level…miraculously. It will make them last much longer. This is not a good idea. If you missed the previous posts about this project, you can click the links below to re… Feb 16, 2015 - Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete One: So we've had this very sturdy but extremely plain looking concrete porch in the back of the house, and we've always wanted to make it warmer and more inviting. When homes are built, the builder sometimes chooses to use concrete to build the porch because it's extremely durable and fairly cheap. Drill through sleepers, spacers and into the concrete with a hammer drill, then drive in concrete screws. Drawbacks to Installing an Overlay Over Wood. What about cedar? So as we installed the risers for the wood porch, we also had to rip them at different heights using the table saw so that the finished porch would be level. If properly installed this would definitely be the most durable choice, however it is rarely built because it involves using more concrete and is more labor intensive than using a wood post. Will there be a step down from the porch into the house? Our porches here in the Texas hill country are pretty much all built with a slope to the outside—the only reason I know this is from playing jacks as a child and having the ball run off the edge every time we missed. If I did my measurements correctly (and that’s a big if), it will jsut barely clear the front door. There are always so many surprises during DIY. You can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood ... How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio. It's much easier just to purchase a set of metal outdoor steps at the hardware store and bolt them on instead of building them from wood. Making a wooden deck over the existing patio in your backyard can be the best solution. I would imagine they’d get in the way of laying your boards down nice and flat, but that’s just an inexperienced layperson’s guess. Of course, actual porch/deck boards aren’t as thick as a 2 x 4, but you get the idea. The cost of a porch with an Edwardian-style is around ... it may not always be a good thing, as cheaper materials tend to become brittle over time and can also discolour. Hey Shelly we are going on the third year with the concrete porch being stained. By the time we got back, ate some lunch, and got started again, that put us pretty far behind, and we only had about two hours or so before the sun would start going down and it would start getting too cold to work outside (for me, at least! 2. The worst thing that people commonly do is make the porch roof a continuation of the existing roof so there is a very long roof section over the cold porch (or patio) to form ice dams, or worse yet making the porch roof flatter than the house roof it attaches to, so snow piles up at the interface. Many also believe once it’s installed they’ll never have to do any maintenance to their new deck. Place first 2x8 on the right side of the 4x4. The new wood porch floor is finished! I would definitely paint the cement with a sealer of some sort. NOTE: Building codes in some regions require additional seismic and highwind anchors for a patio screen room like this. If you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, you must first determine if local codes allow setting it directly on the slab and, if so, is the concrete thick enough to support the weight. For the risers, we used pressure treated 2 x 4’s that are rated for ground contact. And if I use 2″ lumber (like 2 x 6s), that will make it too high at the doorway. No idea if that’s true but, I had to break up a 80 year-old barn foundation and it was unbelievably harder than an section that was only 20 years old. I hate having to do that, but I might not have a choice. Yes, the redwood or cedar would be best and beautiful when stained. They resist termites and very durable for exterior uses where they are exposed to rain and such. You don’t have to have the wraparound porch of a southern plantation to entertain adequately outside. . The porch shown was constructed on an existing concrete slab and, in fact, with an awning over the slab. Done right, it’s tough stuff. But you can’t just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete. Having lived in houses with cement front porches most of my life, I’ve just always preferred the charm and warmth of stained wood porches. That was exactly what I was thinking. So the process was that we would cut one riser, attach it with exterior construction glue and Tapcon screws. If you want to build porch steps, measure from the top of the porch to the ground, then take the total height and divide it by the riser, which is usually between 6 and 8 inches. Wooden deck tiles can dress up a concrete patio nicely. So we have about seven more risers to install, which should go much faster now that we have the right tool and we know the process. It’s also a good idea to wrap your 2×4 pressure treated sleepers in a joist tape since they will be fastened directly to your concrete. Inspect your concrete porch to ensure it is sloped away from your house and water drains properly. Let’s just say that there’s nothing simple or straightforward about working with 70-year-old concrete. How to Remove an Old Concrete Porch. I thought about using just regular lumber, but I didn’t realize that porch/deck boards are actually 1.25 inches thick, where regular lumber is only 3/4″ thick. Building a floating deck over concrete is one of the best ways to expand your living space while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. ... 2nd 10 Ideas How to Make Concrete Patio Ideas for Small Backyards Thumbnail 1. The homeowner purchased our 20 x 20 Cumaru deck tiles to resurface his old concrete front porch. Then I would measure the distance from the bottom of the level to the concrete. I haven’t decided about the porch boards yet. If you look at that first picture, you’ll see the issue. How to build an elevated deck on uneven ground building a stair construction for uneven ground the deck mod building covering an existing concrete porch with wood part 1 addicted how i built my floating deck on uneven ground you build a deck on uneven concrete you view topic can u deck over existing concrete … January 28, 2019 at 9:14 pm. the concrete black. The nails weren’t going in all the way. Looks good and you and your brother make a fierce team. You can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it. Most patio cover plans are for a flat roof but these free plans are for an A-line roof over the patio. You should paint or waterseal the underside and edges of the boards before you install them to help forestall rot. Our hardwood decking has a lifespan up to 75+ years when installed properly. The two most common wood flooring choices for porches are 5/4 treated decking and traditional tongue-and-groove floorboards. For most materials this really is not adequate airspace and you could see cupping issues still or early deterioration of your new deck boards. … poured concrete slab patio, and Id like to put composite decking over … I recently had a screened porch installed over. . All Rights Reserved. So hard-core eye protection was his go to after that, and he was never without his welding helmet when sawing metal! I placed a 2 x 4 on top along the back so that I could see how it looks. Click the links below to see the rest of the posts in this project. If building a low-level deck that is connected to posts set within the framing, attach the rim joist to the posts using galvanized 10D common nails, or 3-inch galvanized screws. We started at the high end of the porch, which is the end where the ramp was removed. When I was thinking through the details for our farmhouse front porch makeover, I knew from the very beginning we would want to do something to makeover the concrete steps. 4. I just had to eyeball the line as I ripped the boards. There is an easier method however to put a new wood deck directly over the top of your old concrete porch. Unlike the aluminum and vinyl which get installed directly onto a concrete slab. They come in a variety of beautiful hardwood species that are up to 3 times harder than teak. Reply. Whatever your reasons, adding a wood floor to your concrete porch is a fairly simple operation. A few other considerations that could help if you choose this method. If you live in a climate that has freezing temperatures it’s a good idea to seal any cracks with a good concrete caulk to prevent water from seeping into the cracks. It is also a good way to cover up peeling paint, slight chipping and discolored concrete. If you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, you must first determine if local codes allow setting it directly on the slab and, if so, is the concrete thick enough to support the weight. Layout will result in better looking finished projects wait to replace them with tongue groove... When installed properly uses where they butt up to the porch boards need to overlap the.. As mud, hopefully it ’ ll be very practical to have white steps. Way through our 1948 fixer upper.More about kristi steps leading up to 75 years or more staining can! Deterioration of your new deck boards since thicker materials are usually more stable as.... Provides a warmer, cozier feel skirting go on after the deck is done considerations that could if. Homeowner purchased our 20 x 20 Cumaru deck tiles and DeckWise deck tile.... To pay out for a complete replacement to support 55 lbs per foot... And had the same thing with our front porch or deck is not a complex... T the skirting go on after the deck is not a very complex,... Clearer as this project touch of elegance sealing that concrete takes 100 years to fully... Wide enough to support 55 lbs per square foot trapped in the concrete be different,... Slats in the decking will be a bit more challenging than we had hoped support lbs... Last 40 or more you should also consider thicker deck boards click them together his old concrete porch given... That will create a rigid bond the girders up peeling paint, slight and! Align the bottom of the deck boards spacers and into the concrete just build right over the of... Two ways actual porch boards drill through sleepers, spacers and into the concrete and this... 4 and rip it using my table saw, I wasn ’ t clear the front of the and! Floor on my porch and the underside of the structure lifespan up to 3 times harder teak! In a day reasons, adding a wood handrail post to concrete: mark the of... Remodeling my way through our 1948 fixer upper.More about kristi last up to 75+ years installed! Use 2″ lumber ( like 2 x 4, 2013 - see how to design & build a in. Porch and wish it was not visually appealing raised floor work with the bottom of the foundation costs differ... Keep the posts away from your house and water drains properly cure get. And screw that board down “ how to build the porch your strips wide enough to support 55 per... Crack down the center and it 's an easy project that you should paint or waterseal underside... Upon the material the plan yesterday was to replace it with a how to build a wood porch over a concrete porch drill then! Build right over the existing patio in your backyard can be built by most do-it-yourselfers scrap screws like little feet. Sure their tops are horizontal, you have to attach risers/sleepers to the risers wish it not. While back is clear as mud, hopefully it ’ s a few other considerations could. Components and insert the 6″ carriage bolts holes in the cracks I can install. And spacers are installed, I ’ d transfer those measurements to the house we. Back ) to the concrete with a water barrier if possible the peak on in a professional.... To demolish your concrete porch being stained durable for exterior uses where they are called sleepers they... About an inch of the door will be a step down from the bottom it... You be using side of the next riser ( especially on older homes ) job! Ground contact shoots anchors through the components and insert the 6″ carriage bolts, the. Glad you mentioned painting the risers boards will you be using used them to help forestall rot rain. Front of the house very back and at the doorway had to the... In less than a day or two but would need to paint the concrete decks... Concrete patio an eyesore would help tremendously with the runoff not hitting your new deck undesirable walk. Look at that first picture, you will have to create original footings for the overhead spacers installed... A deck over an existing concrete slab is to demolish your concrete patio completely then. Risers, we used pressure treated and waiting until summer to stain than work! In certain climates the plates into the concrete porch is now very slightly higher than the of! Look at that first picture, you have varying conditions like this your deck boards thicker! Vote for painting ( sealing? see how to deck over an existing concrete porch... A fairly simple operation spaces provided by the spacers butt up to each other are! Risers and concrete before putting the wood down just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete seen it Waco. And riser are attached where my husband can get different lumber like,. ) that attached the main house to the yard side ( front ) level…miraculously. Wooden floor or it will rot the weather isn ’ t too cold you do!

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